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Posted 30 November 2010 - 01:45 PM

This site is here for your enjoyment and everything we do here is to that end...

Our Rules & Guidelines (otherwise referred to as the Terms & Conditions) are in place to protect our members and enhance the user experience. By using this site, you agree to having read and understood these conditions and any violation may result in the termination of your account at the full discretion of any employee of Noesis Systems Ltd, any Forum Administrator or a Chief Navigator of our chat service.

Please observe these few very simple rules!


  • You must not publish any material which could be considered offensive to any particular individual, group, sect, organisation or company.
  • You must not publish any material which could be considered racist, homophobic, sexist, ageist or offensive to any particular culture or derogorative of any cultural differences.
  • You must not publish any material which could be considered pornographic, illegal, copyright protected (without the consent of the copyright owner), slanderous or confidential.
  • WBC Navigator Information is deemed confidential and whether you are a Navigator or you have obtained Navigator Information from a Navigator, it is not permitted to post it on this site.
  • You must not use any computer programs to generate automatic posts in an attempt to boost your post count or spam the boards/blogs or assist you to win games in the arcade or casino.
  • You must not use the community areas to advertise any website, apart from the areas specifically labelled to do so.
  • Areas of the site that do allow advertising are restricted to not-profit websites. If you are paid per click or per customer you refer, it must not be advertised here.
  • The Private Message System is also not to be used for Advertising of any kind.
  • Signatures must be kept relatively small, so not to break the layout of any users who may be using smaller screen resolutions than you. We aim for a size around 350 pixels wide and 350 pixels high - Management may remove or edit your signature or ask you to amend it if it falls outside of these limitations.
  • By observing these few simple rules, you are helping our members enjoy their time here more and that in time will generate more members by way of word of mouth, which will of course enhance your own experience here and create endless opportunities to meet and befriend many people in the world.
  • Finally, you must have fun!

This is your site! Please don't ruin it.

Kind regards,

The Faculty

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