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10 Reasons Why An Ex Should Stay An Ex ....

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#27 c_vitamin_88


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Posted 03 October 2012 - 04:40 PM

I have taken an EX back before ......

And it ended up with you two breaking up again, am i right?

I agree. Also you shouldn't have to change yourself, You are who you are, and that's who you will always be.

That is soo true! As long its for yourself, a change can mostly be positive :D
But then, people do change sometimes of different reasons - im not the same i was for 4years ago Ø.ø

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Posted 09 October 2012 - 07:26 PM

An x is and will be an x. There is a reason that it was over when it was over. But if one is able to speak past the problems and fix them so maybe. and look beyond the past. But then, there's those who lie to make you look bad in the light

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Posted 12 August 2013 - 11:06 AM

Good Morning ..

My name is David, 52 and have come on here, principally to try and understand. I am a single dad of 7 years, met the most incredible person in my now ex girlfriend, February 2012, an amazing relationship, albeit slightly complicated. She had come from a website, devoted to powerful married businessmen, looking for illicit infidelity. Her set up being, she lost everything in a bitter divorce, from affluent life, instantly to the gutter (in effect). The huge emotional trauma compounded by her 2 sons being taken from her, and never seeing them for over 2000 days. 
So, I get her Scorpionic thrill of powerful businessmen, I told her clearly from the start, my own difficult circumstances ie single dad and out of work. Fast forward 18 months, we have been like 2 peas in a pod, YES, as a highly perceptive Gemini, found all her strange need for space, a real learning curve, but one I was told was so good for her, ( compared to her controlling marriage). I also found it really tough, all this need for male affirmation. Have done much research, so aware of this talent.
It's been a very tough relationship, giving her space, I am exceptionally loyal and she kept telling me, I was " her destiny". Her boys in May, started to emerge back, into her life, something truly incredible, a miracle in fact, so all was good. No change in my own circumstances. Had reveled in her happyness, thought this, combined with settled friends and my love, were giving her a true sense, that real life (which she openly says frightens her), was nothing to fear. I wanted to plan our future together, but she always kept this safety net of, " we know we can't do anything for at least 5 years, until your son leaves school" Another footnote, she hated being around any children ie such a raw reminder of her own family situation. Proved really difficult for her being around my son, but we talked and decided to conduct a win win scenario for us, handling our love, away from him and making her feel comfortable.
I always told her, she told too many lies, generally, something that didn't sit well with me at all, given that she had come from meeting on a website, that involves adultery with married men. Incidentally, she said she finished with all these guys, when she met me. BUT, I know they kept emailing her on a monthly basis, wanting to see her.. This was really hard for me.

SO!!! I thought all was going great, albeit she hated my employment situation, but knew I try so hard to rectify it. Not easy at 52. She came up to stay with her sister, close to me and we had some great times as usual, deep emotional communication, which we do so well and some nice nights out. 
THEN, I went down to her place, a 7 hour drive, last weekend, she had decided to go see one of her sons (or that was her story to me anyway). I arrived after midnight, couldn't switch off from the drive and couldnt sleep. One of her bags was by my bed, I thought I need to read to switch off, so there was a book in the bag. IT wasnt a book though, it was her diary. YES!!! I KNOW but all I wanted innocently to do, was read the " happy comments" she said she had written in her diary, after her visit to see her sister, mother and I. Won't go into too much detail, but it turns out, one of the nights she was up seeing me, she went to see one of the rich married blokes she had used to see, locally, but also details in there, of seeing another married man she used to see too, a couple of weeks ago.. Utterly devastated. I text her, saying I was driving home, another 7 hours, she tried to deny of course, in typical fashion, but then said, I don't deserve you, I fear I haven't been a very good partner. You are my destiny( aye right!!!..more flannel) and if you could ever forgive me, I am yours.... HAHA..

Great sex life, great communication, meeting of minds, reliable for her, supportive of her ways, now this.. YES I would also mention, it said in that horrible reading material, "why has this happened, I love (then my name) so much, this must stop" 

She had the gaul, to try and say in final texts, that " it was only 1 night" and " it didn't mean anything". What a joke, when it said clearly in her diary how excited she felt in that luxury hotel room.. I know all of that by the way Scorpio love of wining and dining!!! 

That's it folks, my world is turned upside down, a son that is seeing his dad, cheated and lied to, what message does that send him, after him being single looking after him for 7 years???? I am a proud man, a man who doesn't suffer fools gladly and I knew all along, this lady was a massive risk and [hopscotch], HOWEVER, we got on brilliantly, despite Gemini v Scorpio compatibility charts, saying steer clear. I love her so much, but am feeling humiliated and to be brutal, verging on raped. I know she was with the chap, the day before being with me.. 

I told her to leave my son and I alone now. Told her too, when she said I am her destiny, that I don't want a cheat and a liar. 

Thoughts and advice please.

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Posted 21 June 2015 - 11:51 PM

If she told you that she liked you last year, why didnt you do something about it? If youre not sure whether she likes your friend, then you should ask. Some may say that its none of your business but it seems as though you and her are kind of unresolved so I think you should ask.

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