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When Your're Yesterdays News, You're Nothing

manufactured pop

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Posted 30 November 2012 - 10:17 AM

Just a little thing ive been thinking about recently when it comes to comparing Manufactured Pop compared to all other musical genres.

Does anyone here remember the song Coffee by Supersister?. Well it was quite a hit in the summer of 2000, many female students in the college i was at at the time use to like singing its chorus. It was a trio of females in a manufactured pop band. But recently i was thinking to myself "what are those 3 women doing now with their lives?. I bet their working in offices, banks or retail stores, where they often bang on to their work colleuges about how they were once famous".

Ive noticed that this is how it is in the manufactured pop world, only the very very few get remembered forever, like The Spice Girls, Take That, Westlife, Boyzone ect, with everyone else, once your yesterdays news, your nothing!!!, your forgotten about like you never existed. I mean who hear still remembers Michelle Mcmannus?, the large girl who won pop idols in 2003 or 2004 and then did go on to make some top 40 hits, where is she now?, do we ever hear of her anymore?. What about the american male pop trio EYC (express yourself clearly) ?, do we hear of them anymore?. Ok, so it was 17 years ago they were having top 40 hits, but Bananarama, Abba and The Beatles are still remembered, and it was much longer ago with them. Do people still rave about the winner of X Factor 5 or 7 years ago?, or do we only care about this years winner and lasts years winner?.

Such a superficial and shallow world manufactured pop is, and so are nearly all its fans. When your todays hot topic they love you, when you aint any longer they drop you like a bad habbit. The same goes aswell with manufactured alternative music aswell. The Killers the Script, sure their loved now and all the rage now, but what about in 5-7 years time?. I mean who bangs on about The Darkness, The Ordinary Boys or The Rasmus now?.

Now lets look at other genres. Non manufactured pop, Abba and The Beatles will always be remembered, their albums will still sell by the thousands and millions even today. Punk, the sex pistols will always be remembered and talked about, Rock, The Who and The Rollin Stones will always be remembered and they still sold out stadium gigs even into their middle ages. Metal, Iron Maiden are still regarded as legends, and although Saxon are yesterdays news, they can still sell gigs in largish venues around the country, they still get to appear on todays metal festivals like Wacken. Your yesterdays news in these genres, your still remembered, your still appreciated and you are sometimes even regarded as legends. But manufactured pop, your forgotten about and nothing.

If Supersister decided to make a gig at some largish arena in london, how many would care and buy tickets?.

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