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#54070 40's Rooms

Posted by amber leaf on 10 November 2013 - 09:52 PM

Limiting a popular room will make people log off and join another chat site.


By the numbers that now come onto chat year on year, It looks like a lot have already.

#52455 Double Yellow Lines

Posted by amber leaf on 17 April 2013 - 12:56 AM

wot  gets me is  disabled inconsiderate    mostly MEN   might  i add parking on damm yellow lines now ae hospital  down the road from me has got yellow lines  allaround the   grouds now   thease yellow  lines are permannetly taken up by damm blue badge holders  now  the other day i was driving threw ae villaige    to find    2  damm cars  both parked      opisit both     now a double decker     bus     got  stuck  not to mension a fire engine or a dammm  ambulance i think    yellow lines    are a damm menaace     in this country  cos thease  damm blue  badge holders   take advantage to apark  were  ever they feel like it mostly on parked yellow lines im realy angry about yllow lines i wouldnt think twice  about   arguing  with  inconciderate     mn parkng    cos its ll  men ive seen  prking on yellow  line  lets hurry up and do somthing about      yellowlines get  rid ofthe whold damm lotof them or failing  that tajke the  damm blue  badges of  so called  diabled drivers  that  cant   put one foot in front of the  other

They can park on almost all Double Yellow Lines, Only if the badge holder is the one getting out of the car.  There are some places they cant park, that will be on the signpost, if there not Excempt.

#52446 Baroness Thatcher Dies Aged 87.

Posted by amber leaf on 16 April 2013 - 05:12 PM

 i dont have any respect for margret thatcher im sticking with the scargills


Just for You and the Undemocratic Miners Strike.




Miners' strike

Scargill led the union in the 1984–1985 miners' strike. Scargill claimed that the government had a long-term strategy to destroy the industry by closing unprofitable pits, and that it listed pits it wanted to close each year. This was denied by the government.

Miners were split between those who supported the strike and those who opposed it (see Union of Democratic Mineworkers). Scargill never balloted NUM members for a strike; this was seen as an erosion of democracy within the union, but the role of ballots in decision-making had been made very unclear after previous leader, Joe Gormley, had ignored two ballots over wage reforms, and his decisions had been upheld after appeals to court were made.[6] Moreover, the strike began when miners walked out in Yorkshire rather than when Scargill called for action.[citation needed]

The media characterised the strike as "Scargill's strike" and most people believed that he had been looking for an excuse for industrial action since becoming union president. Many people, including the then Labour leader Neil Kinnock, believed Scargill had made a huge mistake in calling the strike in the summer rather than in the winter.

In 2007 the Daily Mail published an article based on declassified Soviet documents where Scargill personally contacted Moscow to secure sufficient funds, that were to be transferred through Warsaw[7].


#52445 Double Yellow Lines

Posted by amber leaf on 16 April 2013 - 04:35 PM

Narrow Swindon alleyway painted with double yellow lines


Tiny alleyway gets double yellow lines

Double yellow lines have been painted in an alleyway that is too narrow to drive down.

Lines have been painted on both sides of the passageway, off Newhall Street in Swindon, leaving a gap of just 13in (33cm).

Nathalie Fisher, a local resident, said it was a "bit of a mystery" as "you couldn't even fit a motorbike down it."

Swindon Borough Council said the authority will be "taking it up" with their contractors.

'Forgot car size'

Ms Fisher, who lives on Newhall Street, said it had been "good that the council came around to clean all of the back alleyways up".

She added: "But to find out the only reason was to double yellow everything they could physically see was a bit of a mystery."

The council said local residents had asked the authority to "deal with illegal parking in alleyways".

A spokesman said: "It seems that our contractors forgot just how big cars actually are when they painted this one.

"We will be taking it up with them."


I Think It's just the Norm for any Councel.


#52128 Ladies Room

Posted by amber leaf on 03 March 2013 - 07:22 PM

Maybe theres over 100 in there and 80 have you on iggie :FR13:

And the rest are in PM. Or just don't want to talk while your in the room. 8-)



A navi needs only to be there, if there trouble in that room, If everyones silent...No Trouble, No Nave Needed. :)

#50897 Young Drivers

Posted by amber leaf on 17 November 2012 - 05:29 PM

Young drivers 'could face passenger restrictions'

Posted Image Newly-qualified drivers could face restrictions on the passengers they can carry

Ministers may consider moves to ban young drivers in England and Wales from carrying anyone except family members as passengers, reports suggest.
Transport Secretary Patrick McLoughlin told the Daily Telegraph he was looking at ways of reducing road deaths involving newly-qualified motorists.
Insurers believe peer pressure on young drivers can lead them to take risks.
The Department for Transport says the issue is being considered but there are "no plans" for legislation.
The Association of British Insurers says drivers aged 17-24 are responsible for a disproportionately high number of crashes, deaths and claims.
It says an 18-year-old is more than three times as likely as a 48-year-old to be involved in a crash, and that a third of drivers killed in car accidents were under 25.
That was despite the fact that the under 25s form only one in eight of all car drivers.

How on earth would the police enforce this if it becomes law? Would drivers and passengers have to start carrying birth certificates in case they get stopped stopped?

Would it not be better that new drivers can only drive up too 1000cc cars, After 1 year Up too 1400cc or something on a scale like that.
Cant see a lot of hand brake turns being done with a 1000cc car, [Not very street cred]
It would be safer for newer drivers boy/girl racers, Insurance would be cheaper too.

#50896 Do We All Live In The Wrong Area At The Wrong Time Of Day

Posted by amber leaf on 17 November 2012 - 05:16 PM

Bank of Scotland machine gives out extra cash in Rutherglen

Posted Image The faulty cash machine attracted a large queue of customers
Dozens of people have been queuing to withdraw money after a bank machine began dispensing extra cash.
Strathclyde Police said they were alerted to the incident at the Bank of Scotland, on Stonelaw Road in Rutherglen, around Saturday lunchtime.
Officers went to the scene and alerted the bank, who were able to switch off the machine remotely.
The Bank of Scotland said the branch would "contact any customers who have been affected".

Anyone live near there and lost out on Free Money

#50893 Commet

Posted by amber leaf on 17 November 2012 - 04:38 PM

I didnt even know comet sold mattresses!

wow.. and i thought they were an electrical store.. learn something new every day :)

I wonder if they've dropped the prices on their actifrys? I really want one of those

If they did and you brought a doubble mattress for half price
Would they send you a single one :FR13:

#50718 Messenger Live/msn

Posted by amber leaf on 06 November 2012 - 10:14 PM

Microsoft ditches Windows Live Messenger for Skype

Posted Image Windows Live Messenger replicated much of the functionality of the firm's Skype division
Microsoft has announced it intends to "retire" its instant message chat tool and replace it with Skype's messaging tool.
The news comes 18 months after the software giant announced it was paying $8.5bn (£5.3bn) for the communications software developer.
Microsoft said Windows Live Messenger (WLM) would be turned off by March 2013 worldwide, with the exception of China.
It reflects the firm's determination to focus its efforts on Skype.
WLM launched in 1999 when it was known as MSN Messenger. Over time, photo delivery, video calls and games were added to the package's text-based messages.
In 2009, the firm said it had 330 million active users.
Chat 'cannibalisation'
According to internet analysis firm Comscore, WLM still had more than double the number of Skype's instant messenger facility at the start of this year and was second only in popularity to Yahoo Messenger.
But the report suggested WLM's US audience had fallen to 8.3 million unique users, representing a 48% drop year-on-year. By contrast, the number of people using Skype to instant message each other grew over the period.
"When a company has competing products that can result in cannibalisation it's often better to focus on a single one," said Brian Blau from the consultancy Gartner.
"Skype's top-up services offer the chance to monetise its users and Microsoft is also looking towards opportunities in the living room.

#50389 What Would Your Final Meal Be?

Posted by amber leaf on 22 October 2012 - 07:42 PM

Anything that would give me Wind.......................As i will be Cremated, I should go with a Bang.

#50285 Influence Your Police Force

Posted by amber leaf on 19 October 2012 - 08:40 PM

On the 15th of November people will have the chance to influence how the vote works and who may be the police commissioner, this will be something we may never be able to do again and I think it is important to voice your opinion.

Will be as usefull as  them who come round a day or two befor voteing day, Tell you what you want to hear, Pretend to take notice of what you say. A waist of time and Money, In this case Tax Payers Money. Another wage to be payed out of the  hard earned Taxed income.

Better to save that wage and pay for a few extra Bobbys on the beat.....More Usefull.

#50188 Smoking

Posted by amber leaf on 16 October 2012 - 03:07 PM

My point wasn't that it was comparable with driving talking on a mobile, my point was the enforcement if it was brought in :)

I do agree it will be more easy targets to fill there conviction quote's. When there are more Inportants things that they need to be dealt with.  Like will i be safe walking out in the day/night, will my PC still be where I left it in my home........ :FR13: .Will i ever find my missing letters that sometimes go missing when I type. :(

#50177 Smoking

Posted by amber leaf on 16 October 2012 - 08:23 AM

Smoking in the car, even with the windows open or the air conditioning on, creates pollution that exceeds official "safe" limits, scientists say.
Any child sitting in the back of a car when someone in the front is smoking would be exposed to this.
A Scottish team who took measurements during 85 car journeys found readings broke World Health Organization limits, Tobacco Control journal reports.
The British Medical Association says all smoking in cars should be banned.
Currently, it is legal in the UK.
'Civil rights'
Children are particularly susceptible because they have faster breathing rates, a less developed immune system and are largely unable to escape or avoid exposure to second-hand smoke, says Dr Sean Semple, of the University of Aberdeen.
Using a device strapped to the back seat of the car, the researchers logged and then analysed air quality data during a number of journeys ranging from about 10 minutes to an hour in duration.

“Start Quote

We believe that there is a clear need for legislation to prohibit smoking in cars where children are present”

End Quote The study authors
In 49 of the 85 journeys in total, the driver smoked up to four cigarettes.
During these 49 smoking journeys, levels of fine particulate matter averaged 85µg/m3, which is more than three times higher than the 25µg/m3 maximum safe indoor air limit recommended by the World Health Organization.
Even if the driver smoked only one cigarette and had the window wide open, particulate matter levels still exceeded the limit at some point during the journey.
On average, the level of second-hand smoke was between one-half and one-third of that measured in UK bars before the ban on smoking in public places came into force.
Levels averaged 7.4µg/m3 during the 34 smoke-free journeys.

“Start Quote

Parents must be allowed to use their common sense, and most of the time they do - there is no need for further regulation”

End Quote Simon Clark Forest
The research authors say: "The evidence from this [research] paper is that second-hand smoke concentrations in cars where smoking takes place are likely to be harmful to health under most ventilation conditions.
"We believe that there is a clear need for legislation to prohibit smoking in cars where children are present."
But Simon Clark, director of the smokers' lobby group Forest, says: "We don't encourage adults to smoke in a car if small children are present, out of courtesy if nothing else, but we would strongly oppose legislation to ban smoking in cars.
"According to research, 84% of adults don't smoke in a car with children present so legislation to ban it would be disproportionate.
"In terms of civil rights we are entering difficult territory. For most people a car is their private space. If you ban smoking in cars with children, the next logical step is to ban parents from smoking in the home.
"Parents must be allowed to use their common sense, and most of the time they do. There is no need for further regulation."
But Prof John Britton, chair of the Royal College of Physicians Tobacco Advisory Group, says a ban is necessary to protect children.
He said estimates suggested that each year passive smoking in children accounted for more than 20,000 cases of lower respiratory tract infection, 200 cases of bacterial meningitis, and 40 sudden infant deaths.
And last November the British Medical Association said an outright ban - even if there were no passengers - would be the best way of protecting children as well as non-smoking adults.

#50176 Techy Christmas

Posted by amber leaf on 16 October 2012 - 08:15 AM

Furby, aliens and jigsaws: Top toys get techy for Christmas

By Dave Lee Technology reporter, BBC News
Posted Image Nineties Christmas sensation Furby has had a hi-tech makeover - and he's not the only one
Ever since some bright spark decided that tethering a cup to a ball with a bit of string would be a fun idea, toymakers have always sought to use the latest technology to ignite children's imaginations.
As Christmas fast approaches, the lists of little girls and boys the world over are expected to be dominated by techy toys - including the return of some familiar favourites.

It was 1998 when the world first met Furby.
Cute, talkative little creatures, the Furby range featured a revolutionary feature: infrared eyes which meant the toys could communicate with each other.
It could also "listen" to conversations, and would, with a little pat-on-the-head encouragement, be taught to say a selection of words.
At the time, Furby was considered so advanced, that the US government banned the toys from its National Security Agency offices - lest it repeat top secret information to unofficial ears.
Thankfully, there were no confirmed reports of intelligence leaks, and years later, the Furby is making a comeback.
This time, its infrared eyes have been replaced with two small LCD screens, its body has more motors and sensors than before and - here's the clever bit - the Furby of 2012 comes with its own smartphone and tablet app, allowing for a much more interactive experience.
The app will even translate Furby's warblings into English.
"We've reinvented Furby with advanced technology that brings a whole new way to play to kids," the company gushed.
"The personality of each Furby appears to evolve by the way children play with it, and every unpredictable action and reaction helps make each Furby seem unique."
'Wow factor'
But Furby certainly isn't the only toy to be making use of mobile apps to enhance the play experience, says John Baulch, editor of Toy World magazine.
"The best of these app toys, they really do significantly enhance the play value of what you get out of it," he says.
"It adds a real wow factor to toys. It's what kids really want these days."
"Toys have always harnessed new technology - because kids are getting more technologically savvy and literate."
Among the most exciting, he says, is Wowwee - a Hong Kong-based firm specialising in robotic toys and other hi-tech playthings.
Posted Image Ravensburger's jigsaws now have an added final touch
Top of their success list is App Gear, a range of games which use augmented reality to create stunning interactive levels out of real places. Using either a smartphone or tablet, players end up shooting aliens around their living room, or fighting off a zombie apocalypse - all apparently standard activities for any modern day playtime.
"The entire App Gear range is based on toys that have got this kind of app angle to them," explains Mr Baulch.
"Creating apps and products to work together perfectly."
Even toys you may consider to be traditional are getting the augmented reality treatment.
US-based Ravensburger has been making both adult and children's games since 1884, specialising in intricately made jigsaw puzzles.
The company's more recent innovative successes include 3D puzzles, but when it came to competing with the popularity of virtual games, they encountered a problem, as company marketing manager Benn Bramwell explains.
"The jigsaw puzzle is very difficult to recreate on a computer."
"You can obviously try it with other puzzles - but there's something about it that doesn't come across as well as doing it in person."
The company's digital division took on the task of reinventing a game that had remained largely untouched since it was first conceived.
In the company's new augmented reality range, a completed puzzle comes to life. Placing the last piece on the Underwater Realm puzzle, for instance, means the puzzle can be brought to life through another use of augmented reality.
Toddler tablet fans
With app-powered toys becoming something of a must-have gift this Christmas, parents protective of their expensive, sticky fruit juice-free tablets may have cause for concern.
Risks of soiling aside, parents also harbour worries over the safety of leaving children to enjoy playtime with a fully internet-enabled device.
Which is where the booming children's tablet market comes in.
Posted Image Wowwee's App Gear products make virtual alien battlegrounds of living rooms
"We designed it so I could regain my tablet back," jokes Tracey Devine, marketing director for Innovation Labs, makers of Kurio, a children's tablet.
"Whether you agree with it or not, we know that two-year-olds are playing with tablets. What we've tried to develop is something specifically for them that's safe."
It's becoming a crowded market. Children's tablets - which like normal tablets have apps and web browsing - are springing up in toy shops the world over. Efforts from kid tech veterans VTech and Leapfrog have all earned strong reviews from technology pundits.
The scene is becoming so competitive, children's tablets even have their own patent battle dispute - with manufacturer Fuhu is suing retailer Toys R Us for allegedly copying its ideas.
Scuffles aside, those in the toy trade believe tablets are going to be huge - not only this Christmas, but for many more to come.
Ice Cream Sandwich
Beneath the usually rubber-padded surface, children's tablets are remarkably similar to today's normal tablets.
The Kurio, for instance, runs the Ice Cream Sandwich version of Google's Android operating system - that's the same as the top-end models from the likes of Samsung.
But of course, there are alterations. Parents can set the tablet to disable the internet, or a programme in a white list of accepted sites, or a black list of unacceptable ones.
Posted Image The Kurio runs on Android, but with a few child-friendly enhancements
There are suggest presets for certain ages. For under 12s, it removes social networks (with the exception of child-friendly sites like Moshi Monsters and Club Penguin).
To prevent sneaky, under the covers sessions on Angry Birds - the tablet can be set to switch off automatically after a child's bedtime.
In the new year, the Kurio tablet - like its competitors - will be expanded with a whole range of add-on accessories and dedicated apps.
It's all adds up to being an exciting time for both children and toymakers, says Toy World's Mr Baulch.
"Tablets should do astonishingly well this Christmas," he says.
"Where they get the sweet spot right, and they produce something that takes toys to the next level."

#50174 Food Prices

Posted by amber leaf on 16 October 2012 - 08:09 AM

UK food banks used by record number, says Trussell Trust

Posted Image There are currently 270 food banks across the UK but that number is rising rapidly

A record number of people received emergency food from UK food banks in the last six months, a charity says.
The Trussell Trust said its food bank network had fed almost 110,000 people since April, compared with a total of 128,697 in the whole of 2011-12.
Its food banks provide at least three days' worth of nutritionally-balanced food for local people in crisis.
The charity expects to feed more than 200,000 people in 2012-13 as food and fuel bills are set to rise this winter.
In order to receive emergency food, individuals must be referred by a frontline care professional such as a doctor, social worker or schools liaison officer.
'Absolutely broke'
Lauren Downes, a 23-year-old cleaner from Plymouth, ran into trouble after starting a new job and having problems getting her tax affairs in order.
While it was being sorted out, she and her partner were having to live on £300 a month, which did not even cover their rent.
She contacted Citizens' Advice, who suggested using a food bank.
"I rang them on a day when we were absolutely broke. We had the choice of paying our bills or buying food, and we really didn't want any arrears on our bills or our rent," she told the BBC.Number of people using food banks in the UK
  • 2008-09: 26,000
  • 2009-10: 41,000
  • 2010-11: 61,468
  • 2011-12: 128,697
  • 2012-13: 200,000