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#53003 Lgbt...

Posted by wills on 10 June 2013 - 12:35 PM

You're correct in saying that most of the other rooms are empty - why that isn't being addressed as a major issue by the powers-that-be is beyond me, but that's a whole different debate.


However by the same token of appreciation, GC by its former standards is dead. Years of archaic attitudes, pointless rules for the sake of having rules, and endemic homophobia and transphobia initially peddled by Lycos several years ago has killed the room. I don't care how many blokes in lacy frocks say they like chatting there, the fact is GC used to be a room where people would actively queue for half an hour to get in at busy times. Now look - a shadow of its former self, and who can honestly say they're surprised?


It appeals to a very VERY small minority, and why alarm bells weren't ringing on this 5 years ago is beyond me.

#52914 Immigrant On £14K Benefits Refuses Full-Time Job

Posted by wills on 04 June 2013 - 06:53 PM

oh dear a minor to say the least  im on about a solidierthats   fought for this country with his legs blown off yur saying hes not intitled to benefits   uh  read ack wot u have posed    u said    people  shud sodding make ther own way in life why sud a solider     with no legs  whos   fought   for  this country or any other no ones on abot  they cant  work jesus u are looking for a fight aint u   rem this   this aint chat this is a forum  were we disuss   no ones  on about a bloke  running round a  race track only you   no one is patronising disbaled people   only you 


Hold up...


You're saying that a soldier with no legs who can go out to work should still go out to work, BUT we should throw in a bit of free money regardless? What utter nonsense.


If you can work, you should work, and shouldn't need free money. If you cannot work, of course you should be looked after.


Whether they've fought for the country or not, I don't really give a damn - a soldier becomes a soldier knowing they have a high chance of dying at work. It is an occupational hazard they are aware of and sign up for. Fair play to them, I couldn't do it. But to suggest we should give them handouts after they've left the line of duty and are able to go in to other employment is ridiculous.

#52905 Lgbt...

Posted by wills on 04 June 2013 - 12:48 PM

I know I've asked before... as many have been asking for the best part of 7 or 8 years... and I shall ask again.


Is there any chance we can finally get round to scrapping the archaic, seedy, out-dated and downright insulting "Gentlemans Club" and establish an LGBTQ room to either run alongside this one, or in lieu of this one?

#52904 Reduce Vat Back To 17.5% - Petition

Posted by wills on 04 June 2013 - 10:53 AM



reduce VAT back to 17.5%

Responsible department: Her Majesty's Treasury


UK VAT was increased to 20% to pay for the reduction in VAT down to 15% during the financial crisis. This has been left at 20% as the government assumes no one would notice.

It is time VAT was dropped back down to 17.5%, Pre crisis level, which would drop all the rising utility bills, everybodys weekly shopping as well as the high level of tax on fuel. 


How would lowering VAT combat the high level of tax on fuel?


Fuel is not only subject to VAT - it is subject to fuel duty. If you buy a litre of fuel, 58p of the cost of the litre is fuel duty, an absolutely obscene amount. Lowering VAT by 2.5% - ie, saving 2.5p in the pound - is neither here nor there in the grand scheme of things.


VAT rising to 20% has made people poor as much as lowering VAT to 15% made everyone rich - ie, it hasn't.


If you're going to petition to lower VAT, petition to get rid of it completely. It is an archaic and regressive idea that in order to buy things from one another, we must give a fifth of the overall value to our glorious lords and masters. Scrap VAT, people have more money. People have more money, people spend more money. People spend more money, businesses make more money. Businesses make more money, businesses expand and take on more staff. It's really very simple.

#27091 Homophobic Bullying

Posted by wills on 25 September 2011 - 05:41 PM

We have some room changes in the pipeline, in fact, some quite big room changes.

This is something that at the time of deciding, hadn't really crossed our minds due to the existence of Ladies Lounge and GentlemansClub.

Before the change takes place, it would be great to see how you think it could work. What would happen to GC and LL? What deck would it go on? What ages would it be open to? How could the age limit work without receiving critisim from the outside? What kind of rules are permitted?

Others could then post their ideas and comments based on what you've put, then, who knows.... we may be able to include it on the change agenda :)

Thanks Plod. Initially I'd propose the following, and then hopefully if we get enough people discuss it we'll get an idea of what everyone thinks would work and what wouldn't?

What would happen to GC and LL?

Personally I'd leave them as they are. The LL regulars would object to losing a lady-only facility, and potential users of a new LGBT room wouldn't want guys looking for sex chat - that can stay in GC.

We've long hammered home to people that "GC isn't a gay room", so it shouldn't have a bearing on a new LGBT facility.

What deck would it go on?

I'd say the Promenade Deck - it shouldn't be an adult room nor should it be seen as a romance or dating room - sadly Lycos never tapped in to the idea that there is more to LGBT than looking for sex or romance.

What ages would it be open to?

All ages.

How could the age limit work without receiving critisim from the outside?

Providing we make it clear that it's an all-ages room like any other, there shouldn't be an issue with allowing teens and adults in the same room. I'm not proposing a sex chat room, that's what GC is.

What kind of rules are permitted?

I'd say the same as any other all-ages room - of course at first it might be necessary to have a navi in there to ensure people understand the difference between LGBT and GC/LL, but there are plenty of us who'd be able to do that with ease.

The main thing really is that, when I joined chat, we had a thriving gay community. Now we don't, because sites like Gaydar and Fitlads offer far more for gay chatters than Lycos does. It's a massive gap in the market that we're missing, as none of those sites offer a really decent chat facility without the smut and hookups.

#27074 Homophobic Bullying

Posted by wills on 25 September 2011 - 03:49 PM

This is Jamey Rodemeyer from Buffalo, New York.

Posted Image

Earlier this year, Jamey posted THIS video about overcoming homophobic bullying, inspired by Lady Gaga's song 'Born This Way'.

This week, the bullying apparently became too much, and Jamey took his own life - he was 14.

Lady Gaga dedicated her performance at iHeartRadio this weekend to Jamey - you can see her rendition of 'Hair' HERE.

While we in the UK this week celebrate the ban on gay blood donations being lifted, and David Cameron announcing he fully supports legalising gay marriage, let's not take our eyes of the real issues - the truth is, there are tens if not hundreds of thousands just like Jamey all over the world, who are bullied due to their sexuality.

Some are lucky, in the sense that they have supportive families and friends. I was lucky because I found chat at a young age, and used my online network to find my way through what was a dark and depressing time.

With this in mind, with TigerBear's permission, I'd very much like us to open the debate over whether or not a return to an LGBT room on UK chat is a possibility. Sure, we have GC and LL, but they are for all intents and purposes adult chat rooms where people discuss adult themes, usually sex. The 'old days' of the Gay&Bi Cabin offered gay chatters somewhere to go to be around other chatters who understood them but weren't just online to wave their willies on webcam.

If I was a gay teenager in 2011, then frankly, I would not chat on Lycos, as there is simply nowhere suitable.

I would happily spend time discussing my ideas with ChatTeam and other Navigators to see if there is a way we could make this happen :D17:

In the meantime, I hope you'll all take just a couple of minutes to review the above links and spare a thought, not just for Jamey, but for the hundreds of thousands of other Jameys all around the world.


#27069 Gay Blood Donor Ban To Be Lifted

Posted by wills on 25 September 2011 - 03:17 PM

As a gay man, I think 12 months is the right time frame to wait.

That said, I think the same should be said for heterosexual females who have had unprotected sex with a man in the last 12 months.