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#54712 Your Favorite Candy/sweets?

Posted by Luperza on 16 March 2014 - 05:12 AM

Pretty much as the title says, mine is Skittles. I don't see them about around where I live much but when I see them if I have the money I usually buy them, so what are yours?

#54711 Titanfall

Posted by Luperza on 16 March 2014 - 04:47 AM

So lately, I've been seeing a ton of Titanfall campaigning; from the collectors edition to the controller and the game + system bundle to commercials and marketing, they are really trying to sell it. I kind of get the feeling though that they are more than likely be overdoing it; I mean, it's seems to be an awesome game from what I've seen game play of it and will seemly live up to the expectations of the gamers, but there should be a point where this advertising gets to be counterproductive and actually ends up costing the company more than it could benefit.

Just kind of my thoughts on the subject and the game is finally out has anyone got it, what are your thoughts of it?

#54710 Formula One, 2014

Posted by Luperza on 16 March 2014 - 04:23 AM

The 2014 formula one season officially started on friday with practice 1, the teams confirmed as

Red Bull (Infiniti Red Bull Racing) [GER] Sebastian Vettel (1) & (3) Daniel Ricciardo [AUS]

Mercedes (Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team) [GER] Nico Rosberg (6) & (44) Lewis Hamilton [GBR]

Ferrari (Scuderia Ferrari) [FIN] Kimi Raikkonen (7) & (14) Fernando Alonso [ESP]

Lotus (Lotus F1 Team) [FRA] Romain Grosjean (8) & (13) Pastor Maldonado [VEN]

McLaren (McLaren Mercedes)  -  [DEN] Kevin Magnusse (20) & (22) Jenson Button [GBR]
Force India (Sahara Force India F1 Team)  -  [MEX] Sergio Pérez (11) & (27) Nico Hülkenberg [GER]

Sauber (Sauber F1 Team)  -  [MEX] Esteban Gutiérrez (21) & (99) Adrian Sutil [GER]

Toro Rosso (Scuderia Toro Rosso)  -  [FRA] Jean-Éric Vergne (25) & (26) Daniil Kvyat [RUS]

Williams (Williams Martini Racing)  -  [BRA] Felipe Massa (19) & (77) Valtteri Bottas [FIN]

Marussia (Marussia F1 Team)  -  [GBR] Max Chilton (4) & (17) Jules Bianchi [FRA]

Caterham (Caterham F1 Team)  -  [SWE] Marcus Ericsson (9) & (10) Kamui Kobayashi [~Censored~]

Aside from the obvious dramas, it was interesting to see how almost all the drivers were often adjusting their lines, most obviously in the corners but also on the straights at times too. When it happens in the braking zones I guess you can blame it on the electric brake-balance but it's also happening in sweeping corners and on the straights so I think it's mostly a sign that the drivers just aren't familiar with the way the cars handle which, in turn, suggests there's a big difference between the handling of this year's cars and last's so I guess the exhaust/aero' rule changes have had the intended impact.

With 20-odd guys who aren't entirely familiar with the way their cars handle charging towards turn 1 on today (Sunday), Mystic Ky predicts a pile-up in the first corner and Red Bull weren't half as bad as everyone was expecting. To be within a second of the supposed favored car shows they're maybe not in the kind of trouble that people had originally thought. If they're there or thereabouts in the early season, expect them to do their usual mid season progress/surge.

I fully expect monsieur Vettell to be picking up a fifth consecutive title this year.

Also, is it too soon to laugh at the timing of Lurch's move from Williams to Lotus?

#54662 15 Year Old Girl Held By Hospital

Posted by Luperza on 06 March 2014 - 08:43 PM

Source #1: Daughter held at hospital against her will
Source #2: Update: Lawmakers get involved, teen will not be transferred to foster care

Only in america, I've been watching this story for a while and now posting it to see what you guys think

When their daughter came down with the flu she was taken to their regular hospital by her parents. They've done everything the doctors told them they should do for years, nothing more, nothing less. Their daughter was moved to a children's hospital and the hospital claimed that the parents gave irresponsible and improper medical treatment to their daughter. The hospital then held the girl by the order of the state (who currently has custody of the girl.) the parents were only allowed to see their daughter once a week in supervised visits over the past year.

In court today we find out that the girl may be getting placed into the foster system. The mother was so upset that she literally collapsed in court and had to be taken out on a stretcher. The doctor at the children's hospital is barely out of medical school while the doctor that was treating her at the first hospital is an experienced expert. It should be noted that the girls condition has declined significantly since being held by the children's hospital. She has bruises on her arms and some sort of red markings on the abdomen that may mean she has been poisoned.

I do not see how it's even possible to say the parents did anything wrong. They aren't refusing medical care, they were doing every single thing their doctor (once again, a professional) told them they should do. The judge issued a gag order and the family is not legally allowed to talk about what's going on. That doesn't seem to be stopping the family from speaking up about it. If I may honestly say. What the hell? There's something seriously corrupt going on here. This story is both scary and heartbreaking.

#54661 Everyone Needs Enough Z's

Posted by Luperza on 06 March 2014 - 07:37 PM

No I am not talking about vitamin Z or zinc. That is quite easily obtainable behind an over the counter multivitamins. While zinc is important as a nutrient I am talking about ZZZZ's as in sleep. We really don’t need to pull out a encyclopedia to the definition and dangers of lack of sleep. All studies prove that sleep is so crucial in good Health, fitness and balance in our daily routines. You do not need to be a Oxford graduate it figure out the importance of proper sleeping.

Average sleep should be for most people from 7 to 9 hours each night. Yet insomnia is so very common people are only getting 4 to 6 hrs. of rest instead. Thinking then is more unclear, more often Headaches and fatigue feeling. Eyes want to close during the day. Almost as if you have to use water to splash on your face for a refreshing way to stay awake during work and or other important daily tasks.

Sleep also affects the central nervous system and its immune system which helps to fight colds and other viral immune attacking agents. Sleeping is often the best remedy to get rid of colds and many other immune attacking components in our bodies. It can affect both school and driving to classes back and forth or to work. Yet believe it or not too much sleeping can be harmful as well. If a person can keep sleeping 14 plus hours a day and not being awake or enough they will start to become weak physically too many months to stop much rest around the clock. Yet this rest may be good for a flu for a week or 2 each day. How I am sure there is much more to say about sleeping as far as study goes and its effects on each person?

So I ask then how is your over all sleeping? Do you sleep well at night or do you have any insomnia or other sleeping problems? Can you name some reasons of your kind of sleeping pattern whether it is good or not good? You can even mention noises by neighbors, lights etc keeping you up or physical reasons and worries. I'll give my answer later.

#54659 Too Much Going On?

Posted by Luperza on 06 March 2014 - 06:54 PM

I've always believed that the forum was "busy" in respect of the amount of forums, or positioning of those and with the activity levels it makes it plainly obvious. My suggestion would be streamlining the forum so that even if it isn't it looks busier than it is. This is not to say delete the forums that are unused but can be used in a different way to look like its alot of empty space, then when it does get busier it's not a daunting task for new users.

My examples:
Adding a general forum for those off-topic threads, adding the smaller boards as sub-forums such as Animals/Pets
Entertainment being a new category that includes: Sports, Video Games, Movies, Television, Music, Books & Comics and Cards & Board Games.
Movies & Television merged together - possibly adding a anime sub-forum.
Health forum to be renamed to include fitness
Cars and Motorcycles to include other types of transport i.e. Vans & Trucks and merging Traffic and Transport with it (I know people can possibly do this in this section but it's not plainly obvious, maybe renaming it to Autos or Vehicles)

#54658 What Movies Should Never Be Redone?

Posted by Luperza on 06 March 2014 - 06:18 PM

Are there any movies that in your opinion should never be redone? Do you love them so much and consider them such classics they should never be remade?

The Fifth Element - A cult classic, which in my view is a perfect balance of action and comedy. A sequel in the same style wouldn't go a miss but the original should never be remade.
The Godfather - A trilogy should never ever be remade. It is a timeless classic and any attempts to remake it would be wrong.
Jaws - One of my favorite movies of all time. I don't want to see a really awesome state of the art special effects shark but lame story line that does not compare to the original.

How about you?

#54657 Bbc Three Due To Be Axed

Posted by Luperza on 06 March 2014 - 06:12 PM

BBC Three is planned to be dropped from TV schedules and will move online, as part of the BBC's cost-cutting plans to cut 100 million with the channel being the half of that topping up 50 million of savings. BBC Three is the channel that given us some original programming such as the early Little Britain, Bad Education and one of my favorites Russell Howard's Good News. BBC Three has always been the easy target. Right from its creation, the channel came in for criticism, whether it was people turning noses up at Snog, Marry, Avoid or middle class, middle-aged mutters about where the licence fee was going.

So as the news broke recently that the channel is being axed as a regular, broadcast channel and moving solely online, I wasn't surprised. The station has produced high quality drama, comedy and entertainment. Sure, it picks up higher ratings than some of the other BBC brands. Sure, it's pretty much the only BBC channel aimed at young people. But, well, it's always been an easy target. The fact is, those officials and politicians and big bosses deciding the future of the BBC aren't in BBC Three's target audience. As a rule, they're not the sort of people who want to tune in for In The Flesh or Being Human. They have no investment in the channel. They're not bothered about saying goodbye.

Over the years, we've had quality, risky, award-winning dramas: In The Flesh, The Fades, Being Human. There's been hugely popular, and sometimes hugely risky, comedies such as Him & Her, Gavin & Stacey, Little Britain, Bad Education, Nighty Night, The Mighty Boosh. Already, comedians and actors some who started out on the channel are jumping to the channel's defence, pointing out how BBC Three is a wonderful nurturing ground for talent who later make it big. Where are we going to cultivate the stars of tomorrow if not on a broadcaster like BBC Three? Sometimes I wonder if people have forgotten the purpose of the BBC, the public service broadcaster, tasked with, funnily enough, providing a service to the public. All of the public.

Sorry for the little rant, what is people's view about this?