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07 October 2011 - 02:06 AM

"I'm not going to play Jimmy Nice any more!" Fred shouted, walking out of the
network executive's office.

"Fred, we've told you many times, your character is a delusional who only *thinks*
he's Jimmy Nice," the executive hollered after him.

Fred. stopped and turned. "That would explain why your scriptwriters have had Jimmy
do so many things that are out of character," Fred said, a puzzled look on his face.

The exeutive cocked an eyebrow. "We really would like to have you on the show for
another season. No one else can play the part the way you play it -- with total belief
in your identity as Jimmy Nice. Anyway, there's a handsome bonus if you sign. If you still
don't want the part, we'll ask Meryl Streep to take the character until we can write
him out of the show. We know that Meryl can play any part under the sun, male or female,
young or old."

Just then a stranger walked into the office with an air of great indignation. "This man is an
impostor," he said, pointing to Fred. "I am the real Jimmy Nice."

"Ah, Meryl, we were just talking about you," the executive said with a smile.